A digital certificate verifying ownership of the logo is called a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC), and it is issued by a certification authority. A registered trademark for your logo is a prerequisite for obtaining VMC. VMC confirms that your business is the legitimate proprietor of your brand’s logo. By using a logo with VMC, spammers and other malicious users are deterred from using the logos of companies they do not own. Because a registered trademark has been verified by a trademark organization, it is more difficult to alter or counterfeit. VMC certifies that a good or service satisfies the safety and quality requirements established by the Indian government. The significance of this certification lies in its ability to shield customers from inferior goods and services by guaranteeing that they are receiving value for their money. 

Email clients that use Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) to display your logo next to the “From” field allow users to see your brand and know that your business has been verified before they even open your message. This is the social media bookmarklet of emails, but with extra security and validation requirements to shield your brand and customers from fraud and phishing schemes.

A cutting-edge program called Logo Verified Email, in collaboration with email client providers and Brand Message Identification Indicator (BIMI), aims to give users and businesses a dependable, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing email experience.

This is how it functions:

  • There are now verified brand certificates available. Verified emails can only display your logo via VMC.
  • The email client must be able to confirm that you follow the DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) standard before you can display the logo. This standard gives your organization more control over email, which helps prevent phishing and spoofing attacks. 
  • You can upload your verified and trademarked logo for the email client to display once you have shown how to use DMARC. You can select which of your many logos to use in each communication flow.

Benefits of VMC for Brands:

  • Before they even open your email, subscribers will see your logo in place of the default initials.
  • Offer a more genuine, identifiable, and dependable experience.
  • Immediately boost the legitimacy of your email correspondence. plus your emblem.
  • Make a statement and convey to your clients that their safety is your top priority.
  • Boost recall, visibility, and engagement; raise engagement rates by 10% in particular.