ATPL was formed in April 2017 with the objectives of providing quality consultancy services, helping clients make major strategic decisions and implement improvements to business operations, resulting in their achievement of exceptional business performance. Professional team at ATPL has 10+ years experience in fields of Data Security technologies, Cyber Security, PKI, IT services & Solutions and Compliance consulting etc… We also provide Web development and digital marketing services to our customer.


SSL Certificate

A common technology known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) guards sensitive data transferred between two systems and keeps Internet connections safe by preventing third parties from reading or accessing transmitted data, including potentially tampering with personal information.

Certificate life cycle management for internal

Lifecycle Management of Certificates: Internal and External. We at ATPLare aware of how difficult and time-consuming it can be to manage digital certificates. We provide thorough certificate lifecycle management services in order to support you in guaranteeing the authenticity and security of your internal and external certificates.

Digital Signing Solution

Businesses are spending more and more on electronic documents and transactions in the current digital era. An increased risk of fraud, forgery, and unauthorized access results from this increased reliance. Digital signatures are useful in this situation.


Do you realize that, among many other things, a well-executed spoof can cost a business its financial standing, customer trust, and brand reputation? Your CEO’s email address or even your own can be faked. This implies that anyone can email your partners, suppliers, or clients from your domain.

VMC – Verified Mark Certificate

A digital certificate verifying ownership of the logo is called a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC), and it is issued by a certification authority. A registered trademark for your logo is a prerequisite for obtaining VMC. VMC confirms that your business is the legitimate proprietor of your brand’s logo.

Web Solutions

At ATPL, we are passionate about crafting exceptional online experiences tailored to meet your unique business needs. As a leading provider of comprehensive web solutions, we specialize in creating stunning websites, robust web applications, and innovative digital strategies that drive results.